Perma Multi Prime

Perma Multi Prime

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Perma Multi Prime is a universal primer and bonding agent. This additive is perfect for bonding various finishes to concrete surfaces. It is based on hybrid polymer emulsion technology, creating good bond between concrete, putty or mortar finished surfaces. Cement stable, the primer is also used for waterproofing membrane coatings, paints and textured coatings.

Directions For Use:  

Make the surface clean, dry, and free from contamination. Remove dust etc. through brush, or vacuum the area. Apply with the help of brush / roller, ensuring complete & uniform coverage. For porous surfaces, second primer coat may be needed. Further, apply desired coating or finish directly after the primer application.           


It depends on the surface type and porosity. In general, 5 to 10 M² per Litre.

Shelf Life:

The Perma Multi Prime has a Shelf-life of 2 years; if stored in original packing, in a cool & dry place.  

Primary Uses As Primer:    

  • Waterproofing membranes, and on challenging surfaces.
  • Repair jobs for mortars and concretes.
  • Water-based floor coating systems.
  • Special renders and putty coats.  
  • Before Floor Coat WD, Wall Guard & Flex Coat.


  • Single component - Ready to use.
  • High coverage rate.
  • Fast drying and effective.    

Packing: Available in 1ltr, 5ltr, 10ltr & 20ltr packing.