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Perma plaster putty (colour) is ideal for indoor applications. It provides a perfect base for quality and expensive paints. The putty helps create smooth surface for paint applications. It is great for walls and ceilings. It can be used for plasters, brick, block and RCC works.


  • Cost-effective interior putty   
  • Strong foundation for overcoats
  • Enhances the performance of paints
  • Good durability & look of the paints    
  • Form: Fine Powder
  • Color: Creamy Yellow, Ivory, Pista Green, Rose Pink, Lemon Yellow & Pale Blue
  • Binder: Cement
  • Fillers: Selected mineral fillers
  • Maximum aggregate size: 500 micron
  • Bulk Density:    1.05
  • Plastic Density: 2.0
  • Yield: 700 ml/ kg
  • Water Requirement: 350 to 390 ml/kg
  • Pot life: 3 hours
  • Coverage: 1.2 kg/m2 /mm
  • Adhesion to concrete: 10 kg/cm2

Primary Uses

The offered putty color helps to maintain smoothness of applied RCC, plastered, block or brick made surfaces. It is applied directly without mixing with any other substances.

Direction of Use

  • The surface where this putty color needs to apply should be free from dust particles, loosely held concrete, dirt, grease, laitance and oil. Drench the plastered or concrete surface in case the surface is dry.
  • Use Perma SBR by mixing it with water in 1:1 ratio to repair pores of surface (if any). Smear the surface with this putty in a uniform manner to cover all its pores.
  • Use automatic mixer to blend Perma Plaster putty with water in 1kg: 390 ml ratio. After five to ten minutes, remix this mixture unless it turns into thick paste.
  • Use putty blade or spatula to apply the paste on concrete or block or brick surface.
  • In case of multi layered application, it needs to be verified whether the first layer has dried or not.
  • The applied surface should be left for 24 hours for its effective curing. Treat the surface with sand paper to attain its uniformity.
  • Remove dust particles from the surface prior to applying paint. 


This putty color is accessible in 40 kg and 20 kg laminated sacks with multi walled fabrication.