Superplasticizing Admixture

Superplasticizing Admixture

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Offered Superplasticizing Admixture is safe to use and is offered with increased workability. Aconcretewitha slump of 50 to 100 mm can be changed into flowing, self compacting concrete which needs less or zero vibration, with the simplex addition of this admixture. Due to the reduction in water corrient, higher grade concrete can be made at normal work-abilities as well as cement contents. Provided with an improved compaction, the concrete can be compacted as well as placed more quickly & easily. Providing a superior finish, it can reduce the sand runs and blemishes. The utilization of Superplasticizing Admixture enables production of dense, economical and more permeable concrete.


  • Complying to: Type A, B, D & E, ASTM C494:1977,
  • CRD-C87-79: 5075: Part I Institute of Bautechnik: Type BV. IS 9103-79
Primary Uses
  • Perma Plast PC 201 is utilized for producing highly flowable concrete. It helps to improve strength of produced concrete and to enhance its effectiveness. 
  • Advantage
  • Perma Plast PC 201 is effective in enhancing flowability, consistency and thickness of 50 mm to 100 mm slump concrete.
  • The inclusion of this admixture in concrete helps to lower moisture content of cement for ensuring durability of concrete surface.
  • The thickness and consistency of concrete can be increased simply by adding Perma Plast PC 201 into the blending.
  • The inclusion of this admixture in construction material guarantees about homogeneous surface finishing.
  • This cost effective admixture helps to reduce air permeability level of concrete.


  • The offered admixture acts as a suitable deflocculant as well as dispersing factor for the cement particles present in concrete mixture.
  • The addition of this admixture not only enhances different attributes of concrete. But also assists in reducing its water content.


Direction of Use
The offered admixture needs to be blended in the concrete mix during inclusion of water in the mix. It is suggested not to mix this product in dry cement. There is no requirement of mixing it for extended duration.
The provided admixture can be obtained in 200 kg, 100 kg and 25 kg drum options.

COVERAGE/ DOSAGE : 150 gms to 500gms per 50 kg bag of cement.